HGH Reverses The Skins Signs Of Aging

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HGH Reverses The Skins Signs Of Aging. Read the following to find how.

The Growth Hormone controls and directs a series of important functions in the body. It is responsible for normal growth and development, restoration and healing of wear and tear, normal body metabolism, sustaining good muscle tone and healthy bone density, promoting mental well-being, and supplying high levels of energy. What’s more, in addition to these physical and mental advantages, the human growth hormone, also exercises a beneficial and potent cosmetic action. HGH has been called the ‘age defying’ supplement that can repeal the skin’s signs of aging. HGH promises to do away with fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet and jowls. It greatly stalls the onslaught of aging, and prevents age from affecting the skin adversely.

Research Studies that Verify the benefits of HGH as an Anti-Aging Skin Supplement

In recent times, Human Growth Hormone supplements have gained tremendous popularity, as a strong anti-aging drug. It should be understood that the use of HGH injections for the purpose of anti-aging has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, however, the use of HGH supplements ( pills/sprays/homeopathic medicines and releasers) is not governed by FDA and are available over the counter, without a doctor’s prescription.

Research evidence has suggested that HGH provides potential benefits to the skin. The study conducted by Daniel Rudman, published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the early 1990s, suggested that the use of HGH injections in elderly men (between the age of 65 to 81 years), increased the skin thickness by 7.1 %. Similarly, in another study conducted on 202 individuals, at Palm Springs Institute, almost two thirds of the individuals reported an improvement in the skin texture, skin elasticity and skin thickness, after taking HGH injections for about six months. In the study, it was recorded that almost 61 % of the participants observed fewer wrinkles while almost 38 % observed improved and healthier hair.

HGH Reverses the Signs of Skin Aging

HGH helps reduce fine lines and deeper wrinkles after about a few weeks of treatment. One of the reasons for this is the evaporation of fat and cellulite that is deposited under the skin in the form of facial fat and puffs of fat under the eyes. Furthermore, HGH improves the strength of the facial muscles, so that they lift and hold the skin, as they become stronger. What‘s more, in studies conducted on animals, it was observed that HGH increased the strength and content of collagen fiber in the skin. Collagen and Elastin are two components that constitute the foundation of the epidermis (i.e. the superficial layer of the skin). As HGH synthesizes new collagen in the skin, it helps restore the texture and bounciness, so that the skin looks younger. Overall, the skin becomes better toned and the sagging reduces considerably. In addition, HGH helps the epidermis in remaining moist and hydrated, and ensures that the skin remains opaque (i.e. remain supple and avoids it from becoming transparent).

Studies have suggested that the use of HGH for a period of six months can reverse the signs of aging by up to ten years. Studies also demonstrate that even after stopping the treatment, the beneficial effects of HGH continue to be observed for over two years.

Benefits of HGH Supplements for Maintaining a Youthful Skin

In addition to the obvious cosmetic benefit that HGH provides to the skin, by improving its quality, texture and color, it has some other potent and essential benefits as well.

Dr. Cranton, in the book “Resetting the Clock”, has mentioned that, patients suffering from early lesions of skin cancer, especially, on the hand and the face, can be benefited by the use of HGH therapy. He has observed such minor malignancies vanishing after a six months treatment with HGH injections, without surgery.

Clinical trials have confirmed the benefits of Human Growth Hormone in improving the skin’s texture and enhancing skin rejuvenation. Many believe that, given the adequate amount of scientific literature and information available about the benefits of HGH on the skin, its approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will follow in a short time. However, many testimonials have also indicated that the use of nasal sprays, HGH enhancers and HGH releasers and Homeopathic HGH have also been associated with potential skin benefits. Physician’s consultation is essential before using any form of HGH.

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