Our Program

Healthy Palate recognizes that each individual is unique and completely different.  Just as their tastes, lifestyles, and preferences are different, so are their physical needs. Therefore, at Healthy Palate Weight Loss Clinic, we do not recommend one plan for each individual.  Healthy Palate meets with each individual and determines their needs and helps to assist to develop a program that is most effective for them.

Our plans range from more cost effective programs that can be purchased from a number of companies to medical plans that can only be purchased from a medical clinic. If an individual prefers organic, Sucralose free, soy free products, this can be an option.

Our basic plan involves weekly visits to weigh in.  Monthly body composition of not only total fat and lean body mass, but specific to different body parts such as arms, legs, trunk are performed.  Visceral fat (the fat on the body organs that effect diabetes and cardiovascular risks) is determined. These are tracked ongoing so that a patient can see their progress month to month. Patients are excited to see their lean body mass percentage rise, while fat mass decreases.  Daily caloric needs can be determined. A months’ worth of food from the Wio Smart Foods, Healthwise, Robard, and Bariatric Meal Replacement lines are given to patient.  A variety of plans are utilized because of individual preferences and tastes.

Healthy Palate recognizes the value of whole foods and their nutritional value and patients are educated on how to incorporate these into their Meal Replacements.  She has also recognized the value of the MRP’s in getting patients motivated and started on a plan.

Traditional weight loss clinics that focus on appetite suppressants such as adipex have only limited success in weight loss.  First, the adipex or amphetamine effect only lasts a couple of months, if at all, and tend to wear off.  Secondly, when patients simply decrease calories, but do not change the composition of the types of food they consume, there is a weight loss, but this weight loss involves a large loss of muscle mass and only small actual fat loss. Patients tend to continue to eat high fat, high carb, low protein meals, but in lesser amounts.  This perpetual consumption on low nutrient wreaks havoc on the body, healing, and metabolism.

Healthy Palate’s diet plans are designed to help restore the body’s natural and more youthful composition, so that even when they later “cheat”, they do not have that immediate rebound of weight or even worse- more gain than before dieting.  For these plans that are prescribed in the office, the patients can obtain an 80% tax deduction for medical expenses if they have a Health Savings Plan (see the WIO video)

Other plans include the online Isogenix Plan (see Meet Our Personal Trainer).  This plan is designed for the person who might wish to earn money from the product and eventually have the plan pay for itself.  The plan can be utilized solely by itself or it can be utilized with the same weekly weigh-in and monthly body composition analysis that other patients enjoy. Our goal at Healthy Palate Weight Loss Clinic is to find the right program for each patient.

See Other Treatments for programs that assist the nutritional side, such as MIC Ultra Lipotropic injections, Zerona Laser, electrical stimulation therapy, body vibration, infrared sauna, our professional personal trainer, in house educational sessions, and more.

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