HGH Increases Exercise Capacity

Let us show you how to increase your HGH Naturally
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HGH Increases Exercise Capacity. Read the following to find how.

The human growth hormone, has gained immense importance in recent times, especially among professional sportsmen and athletes due to its abilities to increase stamina, muscle mass and exercise endurance. Under normal circumstances, the levels of natural production of the growth hormone fall after the third decade of life, at the rate of 14 % per decade. Currently, the human growth hormone therapy is used in combination with rehab and surgery, due to its ability to hasten healing and recovery. However, the benefits of HGH for increasing exercise endurance are also quite significant, which has led to the consideration of the use of the therapy by several renowned and professional athletes.

HGH guarantees you greater Strength and Stamina

• The most potent action of the Growth Hormone is the ‘anabolic effect’ on muscles. As a result of this, the use of HGH causes ‘Hyperplasia’ i.e. permanent increase in the number of muscle cells, which in turn contributes to have a positive effect on the ability of the muscles to perform rigorous and strenuous exercise. Further, unlike steroids, which also have an anabolic effect on the muscles, the Growth Hormone increases the size of existing muscle tissue.

• Moreover, the growth hormone has an “anti-catabolic effect”. Normally, after a rigorous exercise, one feels tired and exhausted, due to the breakdown of muscle proteins. The anti-catabolic effect of HGH prevents the breakdown of muscle proteins, which allows individuals to recover faster after intense work outs. This in turn, enhances the overall ability of the individual to undertake more rigorous exercise.

• In addition, unlike steroids, which make individuals more prone to injuries, HGH strengthens the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and bones), due to its ability to preserve calcium and thus, prevents injuries. This further contributes to increasing the capability of an individual to undertake more taxing work outs and greatly enhances exercise endurance.

How does HGH enhance Exercise Capacity and Endurance?

Firstly, the effect of the Growth hormone is via IGF-1, which is released by the liver on stimulation by HGH. IGF-1 has an anabolic effect which binds to the receptors on the muscle cells and stimulates them to grow in size and also multiply. Overall research studies have indicated that HGH therapy for a period of six months helps increase the muscle mass by about 8.8 %.

Secondly, HGH via IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor-1), promotes protein synthesis in the muscle cells. Stimulation of protein synthesis considerably reduces muscle breakdown and hastens muscle tissue healing after a vigorous exercise.

Under normal circumstances, the body strikes equilibrium between the body fat and its muscle mass. If the body fat is low, the muscle mass will also decrease equivalently. However, with the use of HGH, the body can increase the muscle mass with a concurrent reduction in the fat deposition.

These beneficial actions of HGH makes it preferred and more used by professional athletes and sports personalities to boost endurance and stamina and to improve the structure and contour of the body.

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