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HGH Improves Mood. Read the following to find how.

Mood disturbances and Mood swings are invariably associated with women, however, empirical evidence suggests otherwise. It has been found that 40 % of men suffer from mood disorders compared to 25 % of women, in their middle ages. Due to lack of professional diagnosis however, mood pattern disturbances are not detected easily in men, and mood disturbances are still commonly associated with women, as a consequence of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Lack of emotional control, inadequate sleep and rest, and stress are some of the primary reasons that contribute to mood swings. The Human Growth Hormone has been known to enhance and improve the quality of sleep, increase levels of energy to fight stress and promote emotional stability. The use of HGH supplements or HGH replacement therapy has profound benefits in warding off mood swings or other forms of mood disorders.

Research based evidence to substantiate the role of Growth Hormone in controlling mood disturbances

In recent studies, patients suffering from adult onset growth hormone deficiency were found to exhibit high levels of emotional disturbances and lack of energy, which resulted in mood disturbances. Patients with other hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism were also found to be affected with psychiatric illnesses, depression and dysthymia, similar to patients with Growth Hormone deficiency. These studies clearly indicated the role of Growth Hormone in regulating emotional, psychological and mood related problems.

In another study, conducted at the Lee-Benner Institute on over 1521 patients suffering from adult onset of Growth Hormone deficiency, the findings were consistent. In the longitudinal study trial, which used Growth Hormone to treat these patients, it was observed that the participants exhibited an improvement in the overall energy levels and had an improved emotional reaction. Further, these benefits of HGH therapy remained persistent for a period of 10 years, even after the treatment was discontinued. With the use of NHP to measure the improvement in quality of life, the study showed dramatic and long lasting improvement with the use of Growth Hormone Therapy.

Poor or disturbed sleep patterns contribute to anger, anxiety and agitation, which are the basic signs of mood disturbances. In a research study, conducted by a Swedish team of researchers in 1995, HGH replacement was found to increase the quality and length of sleep. The study observed that the action of Human Growth Hormone was similar to the action of anti-depressant drugs, and it help raise the levels of B-endorphin which functions as a neurotransmitter. In concurrence to raised levels of B-endorphin, HGH helped lower the levels of dopamine, which in turn reduced aggression.

Miracle of HGH in Improving Mood

The Human Growth Hormone has a potent effect on mood disorders, especially, mood swings occurring among middle age men and women, suffering from unreasonable anger, rage, irritability, anxiety and depression. The Growth Hormone, stimulated by the use of HGH supplements like pills, nasal sprays or homeopathic HGH or the use of HGH injections, has a beneficial effect on the mood and sleep. It induces deeper and more restful sleep, fights insomnia, and combats mood swings. It exerts a strong positive benefit on controlling and stabilizing emotions.

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