Which Diet is Best????

Okay…Are you tired of hearing about all kinds of diets and wondering which one is really best? High protein, low carb, high fat, but the right kind of fat vs low fat…thousands of diets are out there. I am a bariatric physician who loves to study the effects of diet on our health. But the enormous amount of information out there is difficult to decipher…even with someone educated and highly interested in the topic.

I realize that this is not a scientific, controlled study, but I have decided to do my one-man or should I say one-woman case study of what works and does not work for myself. I am starting a blog on various diets. Feel free to make comments or ask questions either through posts or private messaging.

Over the next months, I will be targeting a different diet each month. I will endeavor to keep certain variables stable such as exercise, both aerobic and muscle/weight strengthening, and vitamins/supplements, including water intake in order to minimize extraneous variables.

The first month, that of December 2015, will focus on a simple average of 1000 calories per day. No special focus will be on protein, carbs, or fats. No special recipes. Just whatever I choose to eat, as long as the average is 1000 calories per day.

I will be monitoring certain objective measures such as weight, fat and lean muscle composition via special testing with electromagnetic conductance. But will also include certain subjective measures such as mood, the ease of diet, general comments on how the diet is effecting me emotionally and physically.

Possible future monthly topics may include:
1. The Adkins Diet
2. A modified Adkin’s Diet
3. The South Beach Diet
4. The High Protein, Low Carb Diet
5. The Wio Diet
6. The Isagenix Diet
7. A Modified Isagenix Diet
8. A Detox diet using natural ingredients…no artificial foods
9. Dr. Daniel Amen and wife Tana Amens…Change Your Brain, Change Your Body. Interesting that she is a vegetarian
10. Dr Daniel Amen…His version of high protein/low carb…But he likes meat
11. Dr. Braverman…Younger (Thinner) You Diet
12. Jenny Craig and Valerie Bertinelli
13. Weight Watchers and Dieting With the Duchess of York
14. Dr. Bowden…The Healthiest Meals on Earth
15. Dr. Dalvit…The Right Bite
16Dr. Diehl…Take Charge of Your Health
17. Dr. Cooper…Low-Fat Living
18. 100 Best Health Foods
19. Jorge Cruise…The Belly Fat Cure
20. A spiritual approach with prayer, meditation, and trust.
21. Dr. Fuhrum…Eat For Health…recommended by Dr. Oz

These are not necessarily the order they will be presented and were not listed here as any indication to effectiveness or popularity, but simply randomly listed. Presentation will be done on the basis of requests first or random choice.

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