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HGH Improves Sleep. Read the following to find how.

Sleep disturbances are common, as the age advances. As per scientific studies, it is found that as we age, we sleep for shorter durations at night. Getting a deep, restful and refreshing sleep is a complaint of most of the people who are 50 years and above. The master hormone, HGH plays a significant role in sleep regulation, and thus, a fall in the GH levels affects sleep adversely. The symptoms of sleep disorder include: trouble falling asleep, frequent waking during the night, awaking earlier in the morning or a confusion to differentiate between daytime and night time. The Human Growth hormone is known to improve the quality of sleep, and this has a direct implication on the quality of life, levels of energy, cognition, sharpness of memory, recall capacity, and the ability to cope with emotional problems and stress. So perking up HGH levels in the body, can help banish insomnia and irregular sleep patterns appreciably.

What Scientific Research Says

In a discovery made by a team of Swedish researchers in the mid-1990s, the HGH replacement therapy was found to improve the quality of life and enhance sleep. It was found that the Growth Hormone functioned like an anti-depressant and raised the levels of B-endorphin (a neurotransmitter). Further, HGH was found to lower the levels of dopamine which has been commonly associated with aggression and agitation. Moreover, the study emphasized that HGH greatly contributed in reducing stress, enhancing focus and concentration, and also, helps build up self-confidence.

In another study conducted in 1998, it was observed that the levels of HGH were lower in men suffering from depression. This helped conclude, that HGH can induce a more restful and peaceful sleep. In three different study designs in England, Denmark and Sweden, HGH replacement therapy produced dramatic positive effects in patients suffering from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. In a report of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, December 1996, Dr Terry reconfirmed the findings on a larger clinical study group comprising of 900 participants. The findings suggested that HGH supplementation improved the attitude towards life in 80 % of the participants and improved emotional stability in about 67 % participants. Depression was reduced by about 82 % in another clinical trial study conducted by Dr Hertoghe.

Benefits of HGH in Improving Sleep

As age advances, the production and secretion of the Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland decreases considerably. Furthermore, the Growth Hormone production spikes after one hour of deep sleep. In elderly individuals, lack of sleep results in a fall in the levels of HGH, which in turn further deteriorates the quality of sleep. This is a vicious cycle.

HGH supplements, nasal and oral sprays, and injections have provided immense benefit to individuals suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders. Due to the other remarkable benefits of HGH like – reduction in stress and improved quality of life, the elderly are able to take short naps during the day, which helps stimulate the natural production of HGH in the body.

Studies suggest that catnaps during the day are beneficial in enhancing the quality of life and allowing deeper and refreshing sleep at night. (Taking naps during the day was initially considered detrimental for a good night sleep, however, recent study findings have negated this belief).

The use of HGH supplements, injections or sprays has been beneficial to many, with regards to improving the quality of sleep. Further, as the quality of sleep improves, it has beneficial effect on alleviating depression, enhancing concentration, improving mental functions and agility and overall creating a sense of peace and well-being. On the whole, HGH supplementation improves the quality of life and enhances the levels of energy by providing a favorable effect on sleep.

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