HGH Improves Memory

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HGH Improves Memory. Read the following to find how.

The Growth Hormone is a miracle hormone that can nullify the unflattering and unwanted effects of aging. Experts believe that HGH supplementation therapy can enhance memory, better concentration levels, improve attention span, and promote a sense of mental well-being. HGH can reverse the signs of aging to a large extent and improve the quality of life significantly.

What Aging does to your Memory

In the normal process of aging, considerable nerve cells are destroyed. This loss results in atrophy / shrinking of the brain and the spinal cord. The amount of neurons and the number of dendritic connections, in an elderly individual is significantly lower than that of an adolescent. Alongside, neurons also undergo de-myelination (i.e., they lose their myelin sheath).

These adverse changes in the nervous system, decelerate message transmission. Likewise, aging increases the interval of latency between the brains actions, making an elderly individual’s thought processes a lot slower. Also, as nerves disintegrate, the reflexes to mental and physical stimuli get diminished or may be entirely lost.

Experts believe that the growth hormone can help decrease or reverse the effects of aging on the nervous system, thus boosting memory and recall capacity.

HGH improves Memory

Neuro-scientists have found confirmation and substantial proof, in both humans and animals, that HGH can truly reverse brain atrophy that occurs with age. HGH governs neuronal growth during early childhood. It helps the brain cells duplicate and repair themselves. Each neuron / nerve cell has several branches called dendrites. Dendrites have numerous endings called synapses. As we age, and with a fall in the HGH level, these dendrites and synapses progressively die off. A loss of dendrites is the chief cause for age – related memory loss. It is these dendritic connections that are the basis of memory and learning. HGH stimulates certain nerve growth factors in the brain, which cause new dendrites to sprout, and helps reverse one of the major issues of nervous system aging.

Poor memory and forgetfulness are exceedingly common during old age. This occurs, because the brain takes longer to process information. Also, age affects cognition, concentration power, and is to be blamed for anxiety attacks and depression.

Researchers have found GH receptors in various parts of the brain. Also, these receptors, when engaged, seem to decrease the symptoms associated with aging. Researchers say, HGH appears to re-balance neurotransmitter levels, thus, increasing beta-endorphin levels. Simultaneously, HGH elevates mood by reducing too much of dopamine, which is known to produce feelings of distress and bad temper.

Ensuing researches, with Pituitary – damaged HGH insufficient individuals, and age – related HGH deficient individuals, have unfailingly shown an anti-depressant, mood elevating effect of the human growth hormone. Patients with a removed or damaged pituitary were irritable, grumpy, depressed, and cynical. But, after HGH supplementation therapy, many of these individuals became affable, friendly, and social.

Boost HGH levels, Boost Memory

You can enhance GH level in your body, using HGH supplements. These products naturally stimulate the body’s production of the growth hormone, and thus, helps stave off the unfavorable effects of aging. Though HGH injections produce the amazing results, they are illegal without a doctor’s prescription, very expensive, and are known to cause too many side effects. You could choose from a range of HGH products that will assist you in augmenting growth hormone levels, and consequently, will improve memory and mental agility. They will boost recall capacity, check forgetfulness, prevent mood swings, stabilize the mood, and create a sense of mental well-being.

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