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Brief and Straightforward Guide on: HGH for Muscle Growth
The Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone is a protein – based hormone, involved in maintaining a host of bodily functions and processes, the most important being, the development of the skeletal and muscular system. It plays a pivotal role in determining the growth and development in children and in adolescents. It controls tissue growth, cellular repair, boosts energy levels, promotes fat loss, and stimulates muscle growth. In adults, the hormone sustains muscle mass, maintains good bone density, promotes vitality, and also stabilizes the mood.

The hormone comprises of 191 amino acids, and is the largest protein made by the Pituitary gland. The hormone is secreted in spurts throughout the day, and its release is triggered by deep sleep and exercise.

Because of its capacity to speed up growth, HGH has been widely used as a supplement by body builders and athletes to accelerate muscle gain. It successfully helps maximize the results of a work-out.

Researches to back the fact that HGH helps muscle growth

Research and clinical studies have elucidated the facts, saying, IGF-1 (Insulin – like Growth Factor) and activated calcineurin (a muscle enzyme activated by high intracellular calcium ion concentrations) stimulate GATA-2 (a transcription factor), which amasses a sub-set of the muscle nuclei. Thus, IGF-1 induces calcineurin-arbitrated messaging (by augmenting intracellular calcium ion concentrations) and the initiation of GATA-2, an indicator of skeletal muscle hyperplasia, which, then causes an increase in the contractile protein manufacture and brings about muscle hypertrophy (enlarging).

To simplify things, HGH is released from the Pituitary. It then journeys to the liver and other peripheral tissues, where it causes the production and secretion of IGF-1. IGF-1 works as an endocrine growth factor, i.e., it travels in the blood to the target tissues.

Research has shown that taking the Human Growth Hormone, can offer substantial benefits, if one is trying to build muscle and lean mass, especially, as one gets older (since the production of the hormone reduces after the age of 35 to 40 years).

Muscle-gaining benefits offered by HGH

The Human Growth Hormone has been used extensively by body builders and athletes to encourage and boost physical endurance and tolerance and to increase lean muscle mass. Athletes, frequently perform body building exercises, and use controlled doses of the Human Growth Hormone alongside, to develop muscle tissue.
HGH therapy encourages a speedier transport of amino acids, which thus, increases the velocity of protein manufacture and production.

The Human Growth Hormone has a potent anabolic effect, i.e., it increases the capability of the body to synthesize protein. HGH thereby results in hyperplasia i.e. everlasting increase in the muscle tissue. HGH therapy not only augments the number of muscle cells, it also increases the size of existing muscle cells.

According to the research conducted by Dr. Rudman (published in the New England Journal of Medicine), the following benefits are granted by HGH therapy:

• Promising improvement in lean muscle mass within a period of six months, even without exercise
• Approximately 14 % reduction in body fat, without any modifications in the diet pattern or activity
• Increased muscle tissue response to exercise or weight building
• Quicker muscle repair and faster wound and injury healing
• Increased ability to build muscles, particularly, in people having a workout regimen.
• Faster recovery from muscle soreness
• Remarkable boost in strength, tolerance and endurance
• Enhanced levels of energy
• Renewed vitality
• Improved stamina
• Stronger bones
• Re-growth in organs that might have shrunk with age.
• Perked up immune functioning
• Mood elevation

It would be important to bear in mind, that combining body building and weight training with HGH therapy, and having a parallel diet program, will yield fabulous and outstanding benefits to athletes and body builders.

HGH versus steroids

It is imperative that you discriminate, the effects of HGH from the effects of steroids. Unlike steroids, weight gain (lean muscle mass) from HGH is a gradual process. One gains around 1 to 2 pounds of lean muscle every 2 to 3 weeks. With steroids, all one gains is water weight. The Human Growth Hormone also forces the body to burn stored up fat for energy. This means that, body builders can consume a lot of food and not gain any unnecessary weight from fat.

Another benefit that HGH has over the steroids is its capacity to have a strengthening effect on the connective tissues, like the cartilages, ligaments and tendons. The strengthening effect brings about a quick cure of older injuries, and diminishes the vulnerability of the individual to future injuries. This advantage makes the Human Growth Hormone a more sought – after treatment, than the conventional steroid treatment, which has partial and restricted effects on the muscle tissue, whilst having an unconstructive effect on the connective tissues, tendons and ligaments

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